Michael’s Story

June 22, 2001 was the day that I truly began thinking critically about customers, service and the world of business.

I remember this day vividly as it was the grand opening of my family’s ice cream and restaurant business in little Lynchburg, Virginia (population 100,000; or so they say). At the energetic age of 16 I was out on the front lines working hard to unravel the secrets behind making and selling the perfect ice cream cone. By day, I was developing and honing my own up-selling theories (for instance: If you’re selling to a group, invest heavily in getting the first person to buy a chocolate-dipped waffle cone, and the rest will surely follow because they won’t want to miss out; try it, it works). By night, I was diligently learning the inner, outer, and sometimes upside down workings of a business. Today, I find that experience to be incredibly fruitful as it taught me to be keen towards finding opportunities and sensitive towards serving a customer’s needs.    

Many years later, I am now a recipient of a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, which is on the forefront of data-and insight-driven marketing. From small business to big business, I now start each day anew with the goal of better understanding businesses and consumers at the Chicago ad agency Element 79, where I am an Analyst/Manager on New Business.

I have a real passion for customers and insights that help brands serve them better. I am constant consumer of information and learning. And I LOVE the new opportunities that digital media continues to bestow upon us on a daily basis – opportunities to better understand our customers, their behaviors, and how to provide them and the business more value.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find nuggets of insight that intrigue your own critical thinking.

1 Response to Michael’s Story

  1. Susan Kurbjeweit says:

    Very interesting Michael! The sky’s the limit for you!!!

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