Creative Dabblings

Operating a family business allowed me to encounter daily business challenges on the front lines and work them with fresh ideas and tactical executions.  Here began my constant desire to learn new business skills and test new ways of doing things. To my mom and dad who gave me this opportunity to learn everyday, thank you!

Below are some of my more recent creative dabblings for the family business. Common to all below was the caffeine and subsequent loss of sleep that each project was accompanied by. The output of each project was aimed at different business challenges, but the input was equal amounts of love and dedication to try and help my family’s business succeed. Thanks for taking a look.


Sundae Grill Email and Sundae

While 1000 miles away in grad school at Northwestern I became restless that I wasn’t physically able to contribute to my family’s business on a daily basis. But, it finally hit me that I could do so much more to help support the business from afar if only I had more digital savvy. So I started teaching myself HTML,  Email database technology, and the best practices of Social Media and after countless Starbucks’ Doubleshots and a few really ugly versions the result was a respectable website and an Email database that now has more than 2,500 opted-in subscribers. Not bad for a mom and pops restaurant.

May 2010 Email Blast:


Back to School: Reconnecting Sundae Grill with the College Campuses

In 2010, the restaurant wanted to make a more concerted effort to reach out to the more than 8,000 college freshman arriving into town. We made a deal with the schools to put a coupon into each box of text books that freshman preordered and used the website and email database to capture their information.

Textbook Insert:

Coupon Emailed to students:

Creative Dabblings at the Sundae Grill JR

Sundae Grill JR (a shop I opened after graduating college) is an ice cream store in the center of the mall in my hometown. In the spring of 2009, advertisers in the mall were pulling back spending (as the recession raged you could honestly see the number of people in the mall drop day by day) and so the mall management was literally giving away poster space to keep the slots filled and their image intact. And yes, as a thrifty entrepreneurs we jumped right into that opportunity. We’ve been hanging posters ever since helping to drive traffic to the stand and educate people that we serve way more than just ice cream.

2009: a few examples of the work


Holiday 2010: Driving Holiday Shopping Traffic at JR

Traffic driving email and poster campaign with two-fold objective: make shoppers aware that JR has delicious Hot Chocolate (imagery) and drive traffic by limiting the barriers for them to spend the extra couple of dollars they have in their wallet on a little treat while walking by.


Early 2011: Refreshing the Sundae Grill  In-Store Experience

Starting off the near year with a refreshed, contemporary menu and more appealing food phophotography. Also, added strategic pricing strategy to in-store materials.

New Ice Cream Menu:

New In-store Materials:

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