The most underutilized space in email marketing is…

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You know this line. It’s the one atop most emails you receive from marketers and the one you certainly always glance over.

The purpose is understandable right? We want to make sure the message is delivered and viewed, but is it possible that this tactic is actually more than just creating underutilized space? Is it actually hurting email performance?

Here’s why. Consider what content is viewable in the email inbox:  

1)      An Email Subject line and

2)     A preview of the lead email copy

Both messages are critical in generating interest and clicks. So, why do we waste such valuable lead email copy on a non-essential message? Couldn’t “If you are having trouble viewing this message” be just as effective elsewhere?

As a parallel, consider paid search. Every bit of space in paid search is used to provide a relevant and persuadable message, and we would never waste any of it….right?

Is your prospect’s inbox too dissimilar from paid search space? In both arenas customers are seeking relevant messages delivered to solve a need. Both are highly competitive , full of clutter and need to be relevant and intriguing to perform!  

So, why do we waste such valuable real estate in our email marketing? Let’s make sure the preview of our email copy is working towards the performance goal!


About mjkurb

Michael is the Manager of Business Development at Element 79, a full-service advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois, and recent graduate of the Master's program at Northwestern University - Medill School - Integrated Marketing Communicaitons. Running two family businesses - learned to constantly listen and be aware of customer's needs and behaviors. Master's degree Northwestern University | Medill IMC - learned to better understand marketing insight, strategy and measurement. Rest of life - learned that working harder, smarter and faster than others is how you stay one step ahead.
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