Have you outgrown the magic in what you make?

Great marketing let’s people in on the magic that goes into everything we make, even the small things, though we ourselves fail to see it anymore. That’s the power of marketing.

Said more elequently, “Our job is to bring the dead facts to life.” Bill Bernbach knew it more than 50 years ago, and he had a knack for saying extremely smart things.        

So, how do we identify meaningful facts, and if they were buried where did they go?  

Often times the problem isn’t whether or not the idea still sparkles, but that we the marketer have outgrown its luster.  

We get bored with things we experience everyday. We think an idea has been played out or that people won’t care anymore. So we look beyond the simple, yet powerful, ideas that are so inherently related to the magic of our business.  

Look closely at your business. What do you do 1000 times a day (like second nature) that an outsider would find fascinating?

Go uncover that story and give it a new shine. Put some magic back into what you do.

About mjkurb

Michael is the Manager of Business Development at Element 79, a full-service advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois, and recent graduate of the Master's program at Northwestern University - Medill School - Integrated Marketing Communicaitons. Running two family businesses - learned to constantly listen and be aware of customer's needs and behaviors. Master's degree Northwestern University | Medill IMC - learned to better understand marketing insight, strategy and measurement. Rest of life - learned that working harder, smarter and faster than others is how you stay one step ahead.
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