Apple: never first, always revolutionary

Update September 8, 2010: See this article at CrowdSpring:

It seconds the argument below that Apple succeeds without being first and adds that at the core of its marketing is a clear set of values. 


August 4, 2010: I came to this conclusion last night after seeing another one of the new iPhone 4 commercials, see if you agree: Apple is the absolute BEST in the industry at launching new products, and putting sticky ideas into the marketplace. No one is better, which is amazing (and maybe telling) when you realize that their innovations are almost never actually first. 

iPod, iPhone, iPad…Never the first, but always the revolutionary.  

Watch a few Apple commercials in a row. You can literally feel their incisive focus and the stickiness of their message.

The iPhone 4’s face time: This new work is just absolutely incredible. It is real. It is relevant. It is laced with emotional drivers and shortly after it begins you forget you’re watching advertising (yes, you get it, I like it).

But beyond the execution elements, what is truly special about this campaign is it’s focus and simplicity. It heralds one product feature that takes on revolutionary status (but remember it wasn’t the first product in market with a two-way camera, just the most revolutionary). It is now the most successful product launch in Apple history with more than 3 million sold in 3 weeks. Never the first, but always the most purposeful.

Apple and TBWA\Chiat\Day’s marvelous advertising shows the best thinking in product launches and feature introductions available today; a lesson for us all about focus, impact and sticky ideas.  

Congrats to them both.


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Michael is the Manager of Business Development at Element 79, a full-service advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois, and recent graduate of the Master's program at Northwestern University - Medill School - Integrated Marketing Communicaitons. Running two family businesses - learned to constantly listen and be aware of customer's needs and behaviors. Master's degree Northwestern University | Medill IMC - learned to better understand marketing insight, strategy and measurement. Rest of life - learned that working harder, smarter and faster than others is how you stay one step ahead.
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