Your Ad in a Mixing Bowl

Ad placement = guilty by association (for better or for worse).

A really interesting perspective about the context surrounding your advertising content. Vanessa Horwell does a nice job of portraying advertising placement as becoming “guilty by association” (using the recent Super Bowl as an example for the Focus on the Family-Tebow spot). Marketers are definitely in control of their message, but when you place ads (especially in that big of a stage) often times you are not in control of what is surrounding your ad, what’s leading in to your ad, and what overall themes are being projected by your advertising peers. All of these things affect the standpoint from which a consumer hears and understands your message. Link to her column below, definitely worth a read:


About mjkurb

Michael is the Manager of Business Development at Element 79, a full-service advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois, and recent graduate of the Master's program at Northwestern University - Medill School - Integrated Marketing Communicaitons. Running two family businesses - learned to constantly listen and be aware of customer's needs and behaviors. Master's degree Northwestern University | Medill IMC - learned to better understand marketing insight, strategy and measurement. Rest of life - learned that working harder, smarter and faster than others is how you stay one step ahead.
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